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Risa Kumon - Ri-Verse (Deluxe CD Edition)

Risa Kumon - Ri-Verse (Deluxe CD Edition)

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Risa Kumon's 1st Album Ri-Verse


Ri-Verse = Risa`s Universe (RISAが創造する世界)を省略したタイトル。このアルバムではRISAがこれまでに人生の旅路でインプットしてきたカルチャーや音楽を時代やジャンルを超えた観念でアウトプットしたバラエティー作品。R&B、ソウル、ゴスペル、アコースティック、沖縄・ハワイなどのワールド音楽など、影響を受けた全ての音楽がRISAの世界観フィルターを通して表現されている。多言語、多ジャンルの楽曲が収録。年代、性別、国籍、ジャンルを超えたリスナー層に届くユニバーサルな名曲集。癒しとインスピレーションを意識したこのアルバムは、クオリティータイムや、リラックスタイムにピッタリのエッセンス系サウンド。

ミニー・リパートンやビル・ウィザーズ、サム・クックなどのソウル名曲からU2、マキシ・プリースト、喜納昌吉「花」、BEGIN「涙そうそう」x「Ka Nohona Pili Kai」、「アメイジング・グレイ ス」「星に願いを」までをバイリンガルにノー・リミットで歌うグッドバイブスな名曲集(CDボーナストラック2曲収録)

Risa Kumon's first album, "Ri-Verse," is a collection of timeless classics arranged in a contemporary groovy sound. The title Ri-Verse is a shorthand for Risa's Universe, reflecting RISA's creative world. In this album, RISA draws on the cultural and musical influences she has encountered throughout her life journey, expressing them through a conceptual lens that transcends eras and genres. The result is a diverse compilation of R&B, soul, gospel, acoustic, and world music inspired by various influences such as Okinawa and Hawaii. All these musical elements are filtered through RISA's unique perspective, creating a variety of works.

The album includes multilingual and multi-genre tracks, reaching a universal audience beyond age, gender, nationality, and genre boundaries. This collection of universal classics is consciously crafted to provide healing and inspiration, making it perfect for quality time and relaxation. The album encapsulates an essence-driven sound.

The track-list includes soul classics from artists like Minnie Ripperton, Bill Withers, and Sam Cooke, as well as bilingual renditions of songs ranging from U2, Maxi Priest, Kina Shoukichi's "Hana," BEGIN's "Nada Sou Sou" x "Ka Nohona Pili Kai," "Amazing Grace," and "Wish upon a star." This feel-good collection of classics also features two bonus tracks on the CD.

This exclusive deluxe CD edition is not just a remarkable project; it stands as a collector's edition available for a limited time only. Secure your copy now before supplies run out.

[ソングリスト / Track List]
1. Free / 2. Believe In Love / 3. With Or Without You / 4. Ain’t No Sunshine 5. Nothing Can Change This Love / 6. Small Café / 7. Ka Nohona Pili Kai - Nada Sou-sou / 8. Warabi-gami / 9. Hana (Acapella) /10. Amazing Grace (Ai-no-uta) / 11. Wish Upon A Star / 12. Lovin’ You (Live in Studio) / 13. Crazy Love feat. RORO (Live In Studio) / 14. Ue O Muite Arukô (Sukiyaki) Short ver. 

Visit Risa's website for more information https://RisaKumon.com
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